4. Spiritual Growth

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“For a person specialised in psychology it is clear how little gets done in life by simply preaching morals. Morality must flow into human nature as a force.”
Rudolf Steiner, GA69a

Welcome to what will be the landing page for our newest endeavour: workshops and programs that further soul-spirit development in practical ways, connecting us to the people and world around us. Based largely on the work of Rudolf Steiner, these programs and workshops will offer practical tools to observe, study and interact with soul and spiritual realities as they present themselves in everyday situations.

Due to some personal issues we have been forced to put off the start of our Growing Soul program for now; but we are only postponing, not cancelling. Stay tuned if you are interested and let us know if you have specific questions about the program or this endeavour. We will try to answer them as best we can. For now, thank you for your patience and your support.

Destiny Learning – workshop

Growing Soul Program