Association Membership

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Professional Associations have been supporting psychotherapists and counsellors in Canada for many years before regulation of the field resulted in the forming of professional regulatory colleges like the CRPO in Ontario. To this day many provinces do not have regulation for psychotherapy and professional associations provide the support and incentive for practitioners to stay current in their knowledge and ethical in their conduct.

Membership in professional associations is voluntary. As associations of psychotherapists, their mission usually is tied to the support of the therapists who are their members. They often provide professional training opportunities, speak for therapists in conflict situations, and give therapists a voice with governments and larger corporations if necessary.

Since 2005 I have been a member in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA): registration number 2024. I am registered with the CPCA as a “Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling”, a designation reflecting my years of experience and training. I am also registered as a supervisor for the CPCA. My official designation is MPCC-S #2024.