Journey Through Psychotherapy — Changing Our World

VoyageThroughout the process of psychotherapy we are still living in a world that is attuned to the old patterns. While we are looking inside and learn new things about ourselves, we have the same family dynamics to deal with, the same friends and work to attend to, the same economic or health issues to face. While we are changing, the world around us may be determined to stay the same. This can create friction. However, if we persist, slowly our world will change, too.

The people around us will recognize the changes in us and respond to them. Some may challenge us, some may support us. Alliances may change. But in the end, if we stay the course, our life will most likely change for the better because we will be more consciously and fully engaged in it.

Psychotherapy is not always a quick fix to a particular problem. In going on the journey to a better understanding of ourselves we take the risk of discovering things in ourselves and our lives we don’t really like. It’s a bit like cleaning the basement: you may be very hesitant to face the spiderwebs and rotten bits in the dark corners but once you start and if you get past the fear and stick with it, in the end you come out with a bright, clean place that offers plenty of space for new uses. And who knows, amongst some of the scary old things you need to face and throw out, you may discover some unexpected, long forgotten treasures that will brighten your life for a long time to come.