Life’s Progression

Lately I have been doing a lot of Past Life Work with a colleague of mine. Both of us seem to be going through phases of change and questioning and so it was only natural to exchange skill sets and work together on finding some answers and direction.

Now, I have done Past Life Work before, occupational hazard so to speak. And I have had many interesting and life changing insight while discovering and working with the influences of those experiences from long ago. So I was a bit skeptical about doing this again. What would happen? I’d find another past life? Great, and then what? To my surprise things took a very different turn – as they always do when we least expect it.

First of all, my colleague works with astrology, and that has given the Past Life Work a new and interesting direction. We started off by defining my current day issues as seen through my chart. And true enough, already in the very first session we inevitably came back to the same past lives that I knew about and had worked with before. But by looking at all of them from the point of view that these present day issues presented something magical happened: my past lives came together and began to spell the story of a soul – my soul.

By combining Past Life Work with aspects of Destiny Learning (a method of exploring with current day issues by working with past life patterns in a fully conscious way) and Biography Work (a specific way of looking at a person’s biographical rhythms and his/her life journey) new insights and designs have come to my awareness. In Biography Work we look at a person’s life by focusing on 7-year stages in that life-story. These stages are also related to the energies of specific planets and by looking at the events and life-patterns at the turning points of each stage a motif and intention become visible. A person’s main life-gesture takes shape. The life-gesture is also an important part of Destiny Learning. By finding the gesture of a certain life-long pattern of behaviour or events we then move through that gesture into an awareness of previous lifetimes or situations in which it was present in its essence. Doing that we slowly discovered the red threat of that particular gesture as a life-question of many lifetimes.

As I was working with my own past life memories I discovered that, just as in biography Work, there were developmental stages in my past-life progression: a biography of soul and human consciousness. I also realized that, just in Biography Work, each of the energies of my past lives had a perfect mirror in another phase of my development, that is in another lifetime. And as I introduced these energies to each other (by getting myself out of the way) miraculous things happened: insights and shifts that had been eluding me for a long time.

I also began to understand this life in the context of the journey and development of my soul / spirit / self throughout the ages. Seeing and understanding the main themes of each of my past lives (as I know them now) helped me gain new perspective on the ongoing journey that I am on. It put the struggles and experiences of this life into context and thus answered some important questions. It also gave me a new and stronger direction for this life and it helped me balance some opposing energies that I had been juggling all my life inside of me.

But maybe most importantly, this work gave me a renewed appreciation of the world I live in and the part I play in it. I realized that the things that were always there, from the earliest life that I remember to this one, are nature, Mother Earth, and a community of people who help each other grow, be it through controversy and opposition or through love and support. Seeing this again so clearly and taking it even deeper into my understanding is shifting my way of being on this planet once more. I have returned to looking at the design of this life and I am seeing a few previously unimportant seeming patterns that are taking on new meaning.

I will continue to explore this work further; refining it, adjusting it, and hopefully helping others see their patterns and gestures throughout the ages and the direction in their lives in the here and now.

Life is a progression that we are building continuously, one day at a time, one lifetime at a time. To me that is good news because it means that it is never too late to change. And that means that there is hope for a shift in our relationship to Mother Earth. Now I am looking forward to discovering and mapping the patterns and designs of Mother Earth’s long life. Maybe it will help me better understand this relationship.

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