2. Personal Growth

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2015 purple glasses 1If you find yourself stuck, worried, confused, or always struggling, having the support of another person can make all the difference. I offer you a safe place to explore and express your feelings and life questions and to make the decisions and changes that will take you closer to rediscovering your true Self.

Carl Rogers believed that we all are striving constantly to be better human beings, to reach our full — or at least best — potential, to grow, and self-actualize. I believe that he was right. In a world where many of us in Western Societies have some leisure and means to do more than ‘simply survive’ striving to grow and become better or more complete, compassionate, loving human beings has become one of the big adventures. It also can be one of the most difficult tasks as it requires us to take an honest look at who we are and how we stand in the world.

Sometimes the impetus for starting this journey is an unplanned change: the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, a death. Sometimes it is a niggling feeling that something is not quite right. Sometimes it’s a book or a movie we watch that awakens something in us. And sometimes it is a dream. Whatever the reason, once that desire to learn more, to change, to understand has been awakened it is difficult to disregard it.

I offer those searching for a deeper understanding of Self a few tools to do so. My work is wholistic in nature, meaning that I consider not only physical realities and emotional experiences but also energetic and spiritual connections. I believe that we are connected far beyond what we can see and even feel — and we need to heed those connections if we truly want to understand who we are and how we fit into the fabric that is our world. But a fair word of warning, once you start on that journey of discovery, you may find it difficult to go back to your old “normal.”