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We all dream: day-dreams, night dreams, bad dreams, dreams of love and fortune. Dreaming is an activity vital to the soul and to the body.

And yet, rarely do we look at the messages that our dreams may be able to convey to us. At worst, looking at dreams as “digestion” of our emotional concerns of everyday life can help clarify what it is that (maybe literally) gives us nightmares, thus allowing us to deal with it consciously and finding solutions. At best dreams can be seen as messages sent by our souls to help us grow, understand, dig deeper into the vast realm of our subconscious. Night dreams happen when our conscious mind is at rest, when rational and logic take a break; and so dreams are the best vehicle for our soul to bring to light the concerns and impulses that may need our attention but that “logically” are unimportant — or that our conscious mind is too afraid to face.

Working with dreams is a way to work deeper into the soul, to bring more light into the subconscious. It is not a form of soothsaying nor are dreams (usually) literal truth. But if the soul speaks in images, learning to decipher the imagery of our dreams may offer us a tool for direct communication with our souls — and thus an opportunity for amazing inner growth.