Grief and Loss

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Loss is an integral part of life. Without loss there is no new beginning. Everything ends — and yet, energy can not be destroyed.

Loss is a natural part of life. Yet, we live in a time and society where loss and grief are often denied or pathologized. Working with loss and grief is a very personal and individual process that can not be hurried or compressed into a particular time frame or format. It includes

  • allowing memories to come
  • allowing and exploring all feelings that come up around the loss
  • exploring one’s belief about life, death, and what may lay in between
  • spiritual and faith based activities — and questions
  • readjustment to life without the lost part
  • facing one’s own fears of death and loss
  • etc.


Grief work also is not limited to losses through death. Loss happens to us in many forms and needs to be grieved / worked with.

  • loss of youth
  • loss of a dream
  • loss of a relationship or career
  • financial loss
  • loss of health and physical capacity
  • loss of status
  • loss of culture and home
  • loss of trust or safety
  • loss of memory and mental capacity
  • loss of security
  • loss of innocence
  • etc.