Inner Child Work

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icThe concept of the Child Within is as old as mankind. From Icarus to Peter Pan, society has always explored the inner stirrings that keep us close to wonderment, joy, playfulness, and curiosity.

Every hero’s journey starts with a child. But all too often we vilify the fearful, anxious, obedient, or misbehaved part of our Inner Child with the same passion with which we support the playfulness and lightness. Or we deny the fun-part of ourselves as immature or berate ourselves for our need for love and attention. Or we simply don’t understand why certain patterns keep repeating in our lives, why we react to some seemingly small triggers with full-blown temper tantrums or by freezing in fear.

Inner Child Work as a tool in psychology dates back to the 1980s and began as a movement that validated the fact that what happens to us in childhood has an impact on who and how we are as adults. Today Inner Child Work has evolved into a way to integrate those forming childhood experiences into our adult lives by validating them, healing the grief / fear / confusion that resulted from them, and correcting our own behaviour in the present time to create the stability and care that our Inner Child so craves. In other words, Inner Child Work is the work of becoming our own loving, supportive, and protecting parent, of taking responsibility for our own lives in the here and now, and of becoming the best Adult we can be.