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“Every once in a while you need to challenge yourself and learn new things.”
 Amit Ray

My main focus is on the development of a healthy and balanced Self in each person. I believe that cultivating a clear and objective understanding of our needs, boundaries and responsibilities is the most important tool to integrating a reliable and reliant connection to the events and people in our lives and the world at large. To support participants on that path, I encourage them to deepen their understanding of themselves as Individuals; to continuously advance on their journey towards a deeper understanding of Self; and to increasingly listen to and trust the inner wisdom and knowledge that is our birthright.

To that end, the personal development courses and workshops I design are an extension of the work I do as a psychotherapist. The information and exercises offered in the workshops is meant to help participants understand themselves and their lives better and to provide them with tools to look at things differently. Listening to the experiences and stories of other participants also allows us to put our own life-stories into perspective.

I strive to create a safe and supportive environment which allows all participants in courses and workshops to go on a journey of exploration inward – to find a new and personally meaningful connection with themselves and their position to life. I do my best to guide participants to find new ways of connecting with the world around them, be it in their relationships with family, friends and co-workers or in contact with their environment, nature, or their own living space.

All that being said, workshops aren’t therapy and generally being in a workshop isn’t the time and place to do deep personal work. In my workshops I use a mix of lecturing, experiential exercises, Guided Imagery and discussion / sharing to enables participants to find their own specific Self – or identity – and integrate it into the life they are creating for themselves in the present moment. Small group sizes and interactive exercises allow for a personal and life-changing experience.

I am a registered psychotherapist with College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and a member in good standing with the CPCA (Canadian Professional Counselling Association).


Full Course List

2018 SUMMER RETREAT: Archetypes and You
Biography Group & Workshop
Nature as Therapy
Dreams — Messages from the Soul
Dream Boards and Manifestation Sticks
Inner Child Workshop
Integrating Life and Self
Playful Tarot


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