Workshop Testimonials

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I can’t help but tell you how much I enjoy the way you do your work. Your sense of humour for one, your knowledge of the subject, your casual / approachable manner, the way you keep the class focused and on pace and how you make us UNDERSTAND just by the way you respond to our questions. You CONNECT with the students. All these things are combined in such a way that are not often found in most facilitators. So I wanted to say THANK YOU! And I so appreciate having the opportunity to work with you.
S.J., Toronto

This experience has been a great beginning for me. I plan to pursue this [Inner Child connection] further. I was initially nervous about the sharing and the playful parts (drawing etc.) but then discovered that it was quite easy and refreshing to just let go.
K.B., Guelph

This [Inner Child] Course has given me permission to allow myself to stop being such an adult all of the time and to just laugh when I want to. The most important thing I take away is that it is not the event that matters, but how I have let it interfere with my living and how I dragged it with me. Letting go isn’t that hard.
M.G., Toronto

This [Dream Work] course has had a very profound effect on my life. I initially wanted to take it just to learn what my dreams meant on the surface. I had no idea how deep into myself it would take me. The course has opened up a whole new world for me — a world I am looking forward to living in. I have been going to traditional therapy sessions for a year to confront past issues and have not been able to “let go”. This 5-week course has allowed me to finally initiate the process. And the fact that it was so inter-active made all the difference for me, personally. I am thankful that I was finally able to give up the resistance in such a loving and safe place.
S.N., Richmond Hill

I really enjoyed the [Inner Child] course. It was all quite illuminating. I came with a particular question in mind and feel that I’ve gotten a few ah-has. I really appreciate your skill in presenting the material in a safe and relaxed way. A potentially “triggering” experience was handled expertly — diffusing anxieties while honouring what was said by participants.
L.V., Richmond Hill

The size of the group and combination of perspectives was ideal — allowing for ample participation and feedback. The theory / history your provided was a nice compliment to the experiential work. Overall a great course.
S.P., Toronto

This [Dream] course has enabled me to delve deeper into my subconscious mind as well as my conscious mind in everyday life. It has given me an ‘out of the box’ perspective, a tool that I can use in everyday life. It’s been an enjoyable experience.
M.H., Whitby

Amazing [Inner Child] workshop! Only 5 weeks but lots to take home & think about. Sabine is an excellent facilitator! Looking forward to more workshops in the future. Thanks Sabine! 🙂

There is a lot of info on archetypes and Sabine you were amazing at bringing the theory into play; exploration on seeing things from a different perspective where very insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

I have never studied archetypes before so this was a new concept to me. Discovering my archetypes and how they fit in to my life was fascinating and at times disconcerting; however, I appreciated the clarity provided by Sabine in regard to both sides (lighter / shadow) of the archetypes. It’s funny how an archetype that seemed so contrary could also be very fitting.