The Art of Reflection — Work Session

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Every day our environment, our situations, our relationships and our practices inform us about ourselves and our path. But are we seeing a clear picture or only a dappled image? 

The Art of Reflection workshop gave you a tool to explore your story through the reflection of your clients. This working session is designed to follow up, use and practice the tool, reflect on your own growth and process since you took the original course (or another working session), and to share your professional journey with colleagues in the safety of a work group.

4 professional development hours

When: Four hours: 10:30 am t0 2:30 pm — Not currently scheduled

Where: tbd

$50.00 (incl. HST); vouchers accepted, fee with voucher: $40.00 incl. HST
Materials and handouts are included

You will receive a confirmation email with payment options and detailed directions.