Turning Your Energy Around

Summer time. July 1st. Canada Day. Sitting in the backyard, listening to music and children’s laughter in the neighbouring yards, taking in the scents of roses, lilies and barbeques, feeling the cool evening air on the skin. Life is beautiful!

It is in moments like this that it is easy to feel good. For a while all the worries of the past days and weeks fall away and we feel satisfied and content for a moment. If the scenario above doesn’t work for you take a moment and find the one that does: sitting by a lake in the summer, rushing down a hill on skies in mid-winter, making love to the love of your life… No matter what it is, the point is we all have known a moment like that in our lives.

These moments are more precious than many of us may realize for they are what keeps us going in the long run. The energy and emotions that we have in such moments are the same as those that are generally referred to as “being grounded, centred, and connected”. And it is in these grounded and centred moments that we find the energy and connection to life, the world and other living beings that makes us curious and hopeful enough to keep exploring and striving for more.

Nature is a very powerful ally in the search for extra energy. Unfortunately, in our busy city-lives we don’t always take enough time to be in nature. And often, when we do make it into the park, to the lake, or even into the backyard we are so preoccupied with getting there and fixing things that we often miss the life-restoring connection that is offered to us.

I am fortunate to have a very large backyard to spend time in. Over the years I have – gently, I hope – changed the overgrown wilderness into something that is natural enough for its wild inhabitants and yet comfortable enough for the humans who spend time in it. We have a skunk living under the shed, for five years in harmony with our cats. We have raccoons visiting, rabbits, mice, squirrels and a wide variety of birds making a home back here. There are large, old trees, small flowering bushes, fruit bushes and flowers. A couple of years we put in a pond and now all the elementals have a home in this backyard. And yet, this year something felt off.

Last summer I spent mostly indoors due to a broken leg. So my yard was not tended to very well. The older areas of the yard, the ones planted a few years before, survived this “neglect” well enough. But there is a spot in the yard that had been cultivated only a year before – and it didn’t do all that well. And I noticed it this year. There was an angry energy in this area of the yard, defensive and somewhat rebellious. A friend mentioned: “It feels like ‘you didn’t want me, so get lost.'” This energy made me stay away from that spot for most of the spring. It was only in the past three weeks that I finally found the time – and courage – to face that energy and befriend it. Now the spot is re-planted and used almost daily. A chair and a work table have been placed there and I have found my spot to do my art work. Everyone is happy – most of all the elementals and nature beings in this spot.

As I was sitting there today I realized that this is not so different from how we often are with other people: someone is grumpy, angry, or sad and because we don’t have the time or energy or courage to face these feelings we avoid them. We don’t do anything to explore or change the situation and often that only aggravates it. Have you ever had an experience where you didn’t phone someone because it felt too much like a chore at the time. And then, after a few weeks, it felt awkward. And finally, after a couple of months it felt outright wrong and insulting to call them now, after all that time? However, these relationships, just like the spot in my yard, become the opposite of what they are meant to be. They become energy suckers when they were meant to be energy boosters.

Over the years I have learned that one of the best ways for me to face those difficult situations and energies is two-fold:

1) Get energy in another way first: go for a nice walk, have a bath, eat a good meal, have a conversation with someone you love and care for, pet your cat or play with your dog, spend time with your children, dance, watch a good movie or what ever else feels good. Then, when you are feeling good, centred and grounded go to step 2)

2) Remember the good times you had with this person or that spot. Remember what makes it worthwhile to try and restore the good feeling about the relationship. This builds up good will towards the other, the situation or the spot you are working on. And when that is achieved facing the person / situation / spot is much easier, almost a pleasure.

Keeping these energy boosters working in our lives is important. They provide us with a connection to he world around us. They help us see ourselves in the mirrors they are holding. They provide joy and beauty when we need a pick-me-up. And they hold the healing energies for our body and soul. Our relationships are our life purpose – in one way or another. Paying attention to them will always help us move forward, grow and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you are looking for something to do this summer, consider a Dream Course. Or check the Living Bridge website for information on a course on Communication Skills or on Boundaries and Energetic Protection.

I hope you will have a wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing summer.

Until September,